Digital Projects

Featured here are examples of various digital projects that I have planned and developed. These projects demonstrate a range of skills, including activity mapping, wireframing, designing and editing websites, and creating a database. This work was completed using existing online tools, such as Inklewriter to develop an interactive story, and also coding (html, css, php, and/or MySQL).

Research Project

Safely Social began as a digital project for a class centered on social justice and access. Myself and two classmates worked collaboratively on proposing the design and development of a smartphone app to support domestic violence survivors in navigating privacy settings on smartphones. This research project has been presented on at national and international conferences, and has a book chapter forthcoming in the book Composing Feminist Interventions, edited by Kris Blair and Lee Nickoson. Below are a few examples of materials developed as a part of this research project.

  • Map of activity stream from early planning and assessment of relationships and interactions associated with domestic violence.lifestream
  • Interactive wireframe of the proposed smartphone app.

Editorial Work

As an associate editor for Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, I assist in copy- and design-editing webtexts from their initial acceptance until final publication. Each webtext undergoes editorial work from multiple editors over the duration of the process in order for each editor to complete their work with attention to a specific area (e.g., design editing, style editing, etc.). For the Spring 2019 issue, I was directly involved in editing the following webtexts:

Coding Projects

During my doctoral coursework, I created digital projects using html, css, php, and/or MySQL. The content of these digital projects are not all directly applicable to my research. However, these projects showcase my capabilities with planning and developing digital projects as well as my ability to code digital texts.